Forum Education Journal

I’ve written  a  number of articles for the Forum Journal.             for-cover      

Some of these  are available here:

Labour’s Pedagogic Project and the Crisis in the Party  Forum Vol 60 No1 2018

Download  forum 7 preproof


As the EBacc beds down, pressure grows for vocational alternatives Forum  Vol 58 No 2 2016

Download  Forum 6 Pre publication

Mr Cameron’s  Three Million Apprenticeships  Forum Vol 57 No 3  2015

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Rather Than ‘Two Nation’ Labour, a Good General Education for Everybody   Forum Vol 57 No 1 2015                                                                                   

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‘Raising standards’ or reducing expectations still further? Michael Gove and Examination Reform  Forum  Vol 55  No 3  2013     

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Education’s ‘Credibility Crunch’  Forum Vol  52  No 3  2010          

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Learning For Labour: specialist diplomas and 14-19 education   Forum Vol 49  No 3   2007

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