Other academic papers, magazine articles, book chapters


Martin Allen and Patrick Ainley  ‘The Great Reversal?  Education as enforcing social control not promoting social aspiration’   Contribution to BERA Social Justice seminar  Education, Youth Poverty and Social Class  22/11/13

Download  kingston BERA

Martin Allen and Patrick Ainley   Too Great Expectations of Education’  Surrey University 25/09/2013

Download   Too Great Expectations

Martin Allen  Reforming Key Stage 4 Qualifications. Michael Gove – moderniser or reactionary?’   Greenwich University seminar 08/11/12

Patrick Ainley and Martin Allen  ‘Hard Times  for England in Education’    (http://www.hard-times-magazine.de/future.htm)

Download   hardtimes 

Martin Allen and Patrick Ainley   ‘Education has become like running up a downwards escalator’  (http://www.teachers.org.uk/node/19169)

Download   ThinkPieceEscalator

Martin Allen and Patrick Ainley  Young and old both suffer in a changing labour market’  Federation News  Vol 12 No 1

Download  fedarticle

Martin Allen and Patrick Ainley   Contribution to ‘The Riots One Year On, A One Day Conference’ 28/09/11, London South Bank University    RUNNING FROM THE RIOTS – UP A DOWN-ESCALATOR IN THE MIDDLE OF A CLASS STRUCTURE GONE PEAR-SHAPED

Download  running from the riots

Martin Allen and Patrick Ainley.  Why young people can’t get the jobs they want and what can be done about it.  Soundings Issue 51 Summer 2012

Download  soundings

Martin Allen and Patrick Ainley  ‘Lost Generation? New strategies for youth and education  Warwick Univ 09/02/11  Podcast


Martin Allen and Patrick Ainley  Book chapter  for  Regeneration (Lawrence & Wishart 2012) ‘Overqualified and underemployed’: young people, education and the economy’

Download  Radfuture

Martin Allen and Patrick Ainley  ‘Can the Lost Generation find it’s way?’  Book chapter  No Country for the Young ( Hatcher and Jones 2011)

Download   No Country chapter

Martin Allen   Unpublished PhD  Thesis  The rise and fall of the GNVQ. A  study of the changing relationship between young people and vocational qualifications at the start of the  21st century. (Open University 2004)

Download   thesis


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